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Conceptual architectural design of the
tourist complex with villas, shopping mall, open swimming pool, artificial islands and tower restaurant


client: Sheikh Mohammed bin Saqr al Qassimi, UAE

location: Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

team:  Dragan Mitić, Josif Milenković

Inspiration for the shapes and forms of artificial islands lies in stylized wings of the hawks whooping down to land. Large green and water areas, hiking trails, the opportunity to design a small marina and a luxury restaurant, make this island a very attractive and outstanding location.

At the entrance to the complex there is a great shopping mall with ground level car parking . The facade of the building is ornamented with lace -like metal grid with traditional Arab motifs including the structural facade behind it which gives a modern architectural expression.There is a possibility of direct connection of the shopping mall and restaurants via the gondola, which starts from the top of the central atrium and leads directly to the restaurant.
Restaurant planned in the island is the most impressive facility within the complex. Rather like sculpture, the inspiration for its design was a flower, stylized flower distinctive for that climate, known as desert hyacinth.
The required functional aspect, orientation and view to the sea as well as the sloppy terrain mostly influenced the final design of villas. The villas are designed as semi-detached houses, and each is individually designed as a whole making a whole even all together.
At the bottom of the complex, near the sea, there is a large public swimming pool.

Square Sarajevo,
​Open competition for the conceptual architetual project "three city fountains"

location: Kragujevac, Serbia

team: Josif Milenković, Jovica Milošević

​Conception of the square can be named a "house without a roof." White monolithic structure permeates the space. It continuously extends from the top of the fountain across the benches, descends to the parterre and from there ascends forming the entrance gate into the largest spatial unit of the square. It is separated from the rest of the square by billboards and serves as a cultural center in the open. There are ergonomic freestanding benches for semi-lying body position – where people can relax, read and so on. The square has 2 more units - a part for the outdoor cafes, which is located next to shops on the ground floor of the building and the area around the fountain. The fountain itself is modeled after the famous Isama Noguchi fountain. A vertical pipe delivers water to the cube from which the water flows down around the pipe in jets. The jets visually conceal the pipe (which also serves as a supporting structure) and the cube seems to levitate



City gates

​Open competition

Project was awarded the 3 rd prize

location: Vrnjačka Spa, Serbia

team: Josif Milenković, Miloš Šmigić, Dušan Đorđević

The object is of a sculptural type with an obvious association with a tree leaf. Taking into account the symbolism of a leaf, a passerby gets a subconscious message that behind the entrance gate lies an oasis of health and natural beauty. Its size makes it a landmark of the intersection and an integral part of the surrounding area filled with decidious trees.

Construction is form of spatial grid coated with custom made aluminium panels.

project of megamarket
for computers and electronics

master thesis

location: Niš, Serbia

author: ​ Josif Milenkovic

The entrance into the plot is visually indicated by a gate. The gate is a part of a building which includes an enclosed children’s play area and a covered sitting space. The children’s play area has a retractable roof made of impregnated canvas as a protection in case of rain. This building is visually connected with the main megamarket building and with the eaves of the building symbolize a larva, cocoon and butterfly. There is also a tendency to  bring visitors into the building gradually from a public space (streets) through semi-public spaces to a private one (megamarket).

urbanism project of Residential and office building "Bagat”

project under construction


location: Leskovac, Serbia

client: Energosistem Čogurić d.o.o.


team: Božidar Mihajlović, Josif Milenković, Dragan Mitić, Ana Marjanović


The architecture of the building is based on the analysis of the whole area along the Bulevar oslobodjenja since the neighbourhood buildings in this part are under the protection of the state. The front north facade of the phase I (one) is designed in compliance with the City Plan and with the consent of the Nis Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments. Orthogonal form of the building emphasizes  its structural elements. Compactness of the volume is broken  by segmentation of facade fields, play of the openings  and by consoles.

Cottage With A Swimming Pool

reconstruction project

project under development


location: Leskovac, Serbia

author:  Josif Milenkovic

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